Knot Knotes Part Deux

Knot related fonts for your PC
- TTF format
Fonts for knotters
 The Friendship Ring 
- A small square knotting project
The Chinese Dragonfly
- a decorative knot
Fly away...
The Knot before Christmas
- another decorative knot
Ho Ho Ho?
Knot pole - a Scout skill activity
Figure it out
The Gordian Knot - Search-a-word puzzle
Find it
Scout Knots from Cub to Eagle -- the climb
Scout knots
Two for this century
-Hunter /Riggers bend 
& Zeppelin Bend (bdpq method)
Strength considerations for knots and cordage
- some connections.
The Truckers Hitch - A tiedown for loads 
(even if you don't have a truck)
Keep on truckin'
The Angler's Loop - Another way around
Knot Throwing -A Tutorial
Throw it!
Zippit - A simple squareknotting project
The Cross Knot 
- A Chinese Knotting Basic
Cross Knot


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