Multi use Loop - Angler's Loop Variation

Sometimes the other way around is the way to go.

 I watched an Interior Department employee tie a pelt in place on the conservation trail exhibit at the 1997 National Scout Jamboree. Noticing my attention to his knot tying, he stopped and asked if I was interested in knots. Of course I said yes and he proceeded to show me the knot I illustrate here. He commented that it made a quick and easy end loop as well as a handy inline loop and was easy to produce either way.
The first stage is to produce the loop A as illustrated in hand with enough free to continue.  Round 1
Holding loop A in hand, continue in the same direction to lay loop B behind A as illustrated.  Round 2
Next lay the last bit (C) between loops A and B.  Round 3 - between
The final step is to draw loop B over C and through loop A and working into shape as needed.  Finish it through
When I inquired as to the name of the knot, the fellow said is was a passion knot. Further investigation reveals that it is a mirror image to the knot typically called the Angler's loop.

The main virtues is the simplicity of tying, hand motions all the same direction, and multifunction use of the knot. It seems to be fairly easy to tie and untie and secure in use as inline or end knot.

These virtues make it a useful knot around camp and you get two for the price of one.

The result you get should look like the picture below when you are done.

 Inline and end
foxJK 8/97