Rope and Knot Strength Links

When security and safety is a concern the manufacturers recommendations should always be consulted. Many factors can change the strength of a rope or line. Knots all reduce strength, so does age, moisture and sunlight. Review the following links to learn about some of these characteristics as well as care use tips. When in doubt, check it out.

Cordage Institute- Main page with links to standards publications that can be ordered

Layline's Yacht Racing Equipment Web site-   Has Supplier Catalogs with rope characteristic

Lehigh Group Rope Tips - Basic tips for care of rope

Rope Basics- Scout Troop 940 Rope safety tips and info for climbing

Samson Rope brochure - on rope strength and care excerpt

United States Rope Co. - Specifications for a variety of common synthetic ropes

Rope strength   -  Sailing Smacks Site

Ask the question - Search engine info on rope strength.

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Jack Keene
Updated 12/25/01