Knot Knotes

My own mostly original bits:
Knotting basics 
- some thoughts on teaching the subject 
The Spaghetti Connection 
-Play with your food for fun and learning 
Play with your food?
Making Rope 
- A Minimum Equipment Method 
Making rope
The Tie that Binds 
- A handy way to tie things down 
Truckers Hitch variation
The Hitching Rail 
- a 3D knot board and learning station 
A 3D knot board?
A World Record challenge 
- Can you tie these all in 8.1 seconds?
Knot so fast!
The friendship knot 
- A knot token and decorative item 
Knot games for teaching and fun- 
A starter kit for Scout Skills games 
Lookee here!
KNOT WARNING - knot tying can be habit forming  This warning sheet can help  you identify the symptoms  and what to do about them.  It is in Adobe PDF  format. Find out about Acrobat from the link in tech.htm Warning! PDF
You might knot know that- 
some lore legends and so forth
Exploring bends based on the BDPQ method 
-explore the possibilities 
Combinations and possibilities
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