The Spaghetti ConnectionYum! 

              (or "Knots a New Way")

    In the summer of 1992 at a Scout Jamboree held in Great Britain, a troop from These Varig, Sweden established a "record" by tying knots in spaghetti to make up a 150 meter length.

    Now you may think this a bit on the silly side. However, the objective of Scouting is to have fun ......... isn't it? A non-practical approach to a practical Scout skill is frequently the right path.

    Here are a few directions you can take with this unconventional medium:

    • 1. Challenge -- a research project -- What do you know? Determine the most practical knot to tie lengths of spaghetti together. Is it the sheet bend, square knot, zeppelin, Hunters Bend..........................? 
    • 2. If you cooked it right ..... it sticks. Make knot cards by sticking the results to index cards. Note: these can be a bit fragile after they dry. 
    • 3. Patrol challenge ... each patrol is given a bowl of spaghetti and ties against the clock (you choose a time) to achieve the greatest length. 
    • 4. Patrol challenge ... Can you tie the six basic scout knots with spaghetti?

    If all else fails you can eat your mistakes ..... sometimes it can be OK to play with your food.

    What is the best way to prepare the spaghetti? The way you would normally cook it, without the sauce of course.

        Final question..... what is the knot on the fork?