bdpq Connections

 This page is in the process of development based on a concept of bend annotation considering the  similarity starting end configurations resembling the letters bdpq.  As such it is clearly an unfinished work. 

Consider that there are 8 basic starting positions as illustrated below: 
Beginning positions 

You will note that there are b d p and q end forms with overhand and underhand configurations (noted o and u). 
An example of how this would be used is to take two ends you want to join in a bend.  Form the ends BU and DU form. Lay BU over DU and bring the end through the middle. What is it?

Considering the possibilities could also consider using these basic forms interleaved with each other and a various combinations of which ways the ends go through middles. Considering these variations the possibilities of combinations is very large.  

Try some maybe you will discover a new knot.  New knots are probably only new to you as 10000+ years of knotting makes it hard to imagine a new knot. See two 20th century knots for a couple of examples.

Maybe the mathematicians out there can figure that out.

If you have suggestions.  Please e-mail me at:
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