Knot Lore, Trivia and So Forth
Animals that tie knots are rare but two examples that can be counted are the weaver bird and the gorilla.  The weaver bird uses bits of grass and such to fabricate their nests.  
Some gorillas have also been observed using knots to secure their nesting place.  Occasionally they tie a square knot, but more often it is a granny knot 
The Gordian knot of legend was so complex that no one could untie it. Alexander the Great met the challenge of  this knot with the blade of his sword.  This is a tempting solution today for releasing difficult knots but the best way to learn to untie knots is to learn to tie them. 
The square knot or reef knot was known as the Knot of Hercules by ancient Greeks and it was considered to be particularly useful in healing.  If  a wound was bandaged with a bandage tied with this knot is was thought to heal faster. 
Sailors were a superstitious lot to begin with so it is not uncommon to find superstitions based on the sea.  One of these is found in several instances which says that a series of knots tied in a specific manner could control the winds (a useful commodity for sailors).   

Typically it would be that three knots were tied and that the untying would release the winds. Untying one would produce a moderate wind, the second a bit more potent, and the third a hurricane. 
History and Culture: 
The Incas  did not have a written language but used a system of knots tied in cords called quipus.  The quipus served to do accounting of business transactions and as memory aids in recounting significant events in the local history.  Special training was required to interpret these quipus.  While many quipus exist in museums today the meanings are lost in the passage of time.    
Native American peoples also used knots in cords as communication tools with methods as basic as a knotted cord for counting days to knots incorporated with wampum to be a part of story telling.    
Tally systems using systems of knotted strings and cords are common in many cultures.  This may in fact relate to the idea of "tying a string around you finger" as a memory aid.    
Consider the symbolic implications of the terms:  
tying the knot  
tangled webs 
knotty problems 
stringing someone along 
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