DragonflyDragonfly ChallengeDragonfly.
If you have looked at my page on the dragonfly knot by now and have had a chance to try one, here is a challenge for you.  While it is fairly easy to tie in a larger form, it might be interesting to see how small you can go.

I have from time to time tied these little critter in all sorts of materials from fine silver wire to dental floss. In the small form they are rather attractive and almost might be a jewelry item or even a fishing lure.

Really small dragonfly knots!  A penny for your thoughts.  :-)

For size comparison I have scanned three small examples.  The larger is from waxed whipping twine, middle sized from a single strand of the same material (about the same as dental floss)and the smallest with sewing thread.

If you would like to send me a scan of your smallest effort for the challenge please sent it to: Click here to e-mail me and indicate the size and material.  Be sure to picture it with a cent or ruler for reference

What's the prize?  You will have the challenge of doing and  I will post the winning images here. 

Let me hear from you.


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