Wandering  ..........

A time past .... a mind present.
What is seen at times
is defined by shadows 
and not the object itself.
Colors from the sky.
Reality can be surreal  
... colored by light around it. 
The quality of your life is defined by 
your  own perspective.
The texture of life is such  
that  you must reach out and touch it  
    ..............    not just look.
For fear of speaking too soon
he spoke too late. 
She never really knew his heart.
Mary Jane where are you?
The path diverges to two
The road diverged  
and life continued in different directions.
 She looked both ways
and crossed the road .
...never looking back.
Two faces of Louise
It was only a matter of time.
He stopped by the rushing waters 
to wonder at their energy.
Streamside he waited
He stalked the wild image through the tall grass.
Seeking out the images that spoke to him.
And then she said good-bye 
 .... taking a piece of his soul to heaven.
Pat looks heavenward not knowing
Portals and progress 
Through one portal  
and another  
he wandered  seeking truth.
He peered outward 
and over the top 
seeking a new direction.
Eyes peering
Pyramid of the ancients
Monuments, markers and milestones  
divide out lives in unconscious manners,  
leaving those in the future  
to wonder at our existence.
A tangled mess with no seeming end 
was gently unraveled 
to travel a clear and straight path.
 Eggs ... beginning perfection 
The perfection and mystery of it all  
perplexed him as he watched once more. 
In the hands of a craftsman 
these bits of wood and string
sing to his inner peace. 
It stood by itself  atop the hill  
..............  waiting  
for the rest of the forest to join it.
And he walked on 
Walker alone