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 Resources abound on the Web for knowledge about knots and this page will link you to a broad variety of resources available.  

On May 5, 1997, usenet voters approved the creation of rec.crafts.knots as an unmoderated newsgroup.  This was established as an information forum for a wide variety of knot questions.

If you have a news host established with your browser click on the link at the right.  If you do not have a usenet connection you can review the type of information posted to usenet newsgroups by visiting Google Groups.

If your news host does carry not rec.crafts.knots, please request it.


 The International Guild of Knot Tyers seeks to preserve the knowledge  and educate in the arts.  Find out more. -> 

Tie it all together!

 IGKT Texas Branch has a Web connection. Knot friendly! -> 

The Texas Connection

 Peter Suber has compiled a fantastic link list from mathematics to  crafts to recreation.  Check this out!

Great stuff!

International Guild of Knot Tyers - 
Pacific Americas Branch  


 Ed Prins covers all the rest with his Ropers Knots Page literally from  A  to Z from all around the Web world. 

Go Ropers!

 Animated knots from the 42nd Brighton Scout Group in the UK give an  interesting way to illustrate and teach knots. 

Knots on the move

 A knot library list - one man's reading list for knot knowledge. 

Read and learn
The A to Z of Knots - An illustrated walkthrough of some common (and not so common)knots from .  This includes links and other knotting resources.  A to Z

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