Funny Thing Happened on the Way to a Web Page
There are a lot of things on the lighter side of the Web .   Some are funny simply because they are strange others are funny because they are too much like real life  ... which is a hoot.  These are just a few of the links that keep me amused on a regular basis. 
The Dilbert Zone is one of those all too real ones. 
Yes I am a cubicle tenant.
Dogbert rules! 
Non Sequitir suits my frame of mind at times.
The Centre for the Easily Amused had something for everyone but wandered off the link here should suffice for the moment.   .. 
Go  C*E*A! 
Surely you jest! 
  BAD KITTY!  You have to like cats to appreciate this.
 Read this and find out who really runs the house. 
A couple of our cats  contributed to this list.
Calvin gives the evil eye! 
And then there 's the stranger side of the Web.
 Amusing whether they were meant to be or not.
OK the link is dead .. but I still like the icon. :-) 

Try 404

Tres Bizarre! 
That should hold you for now.   :-)  
This way to the egress!!!