Keene Genealogy Connections

I began my genealogy interest in 1978 when Pat and I were talking about what our children would know of their "roots".  We represent a blend of English, Irish, German, French and other connections.  We visited older kinfolks, libraries, archives, and cemeteries every chance we got.  This was like working out the biggest puzzle that  we had ever seen.  We came away with not only knowledge of where we came from but also knew more about history, culture and the growth of this country.

It led to some interesting bedtime stories to tell the kids and was really worth  the effort.  While I have not done a lot of work on this in recent years,  I am beginning to explore the web as a new resource for me.

In March 1996 Pat wrote, "Makes me feel strange that my whole life can be expressed in  a couple of pages on a steno pad. What seems very important gets put into perspective when you think of it like that." 

She wrote  this as a preface to her own obituary which she had written as a mental exercise in looking at her own life.  As we all know there is a lot more than the obit that reflects on a person.  Recording of oral history can be a significant gift to ourselves and our offspring.  The link at the right give a wonderful approach to that. 

Oral History
One of the interesting Web sites for me is maintained by Patrick Daspit and it is growing rapidly as he collates Daspit family and connections.  Click on GGG Grandfather Eugene at the right ..... but be careful of the shotgun.  :-)
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites  on the Internet has 325,000+ links to genealogy related items on the Web.  This number is growing every time that I look.  Its a great starting place for Web genealogy and well worth the visit. 
Thanks David
The software that I use for my computer genealogy record is Brother's Keeper.  There is a DOS and Windows version and is. shareware worth supporting.   Visit the Web site and check it out. 
Check it out!
How often does your family name occur today?  --- click here to get a map of your folks in the US.
Where am  I?
My personal Ahnentafel charts can be found below.   This seemed to be the most compact way to present this data.   If you are not familiar with the Ahnentafel chart, the number logic of an Ahnentafel chart is that Fathers numbers are two times the child's number and Mothers are two times plus one. 

One unconventional convention that I use is to list the wife's name where the maiden surname is not known as SpouseName*.   For example: Mary Unknown wife of John Q. Ancestor would be listed as Mary Ancestor*.  I am sure there is a "normal" convention for this but it works for me in my personal record keeping. 


Genealogy of Jack Laurence Keene (1945-     )
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Genealogy of  Patricia Marie Reser (1947-1996)
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Genealogy of Frances Louise George (1950-     )
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