Life is a masquerade I say.
I enter with uncertainty.
Hi there!
Where you posting from?
The song continues.

Is there really LOL or *S* at the computer?
Scrolling down
Clicking that icon
It's so easy to put the mask on.
It's almost magical.....

The mask is what we are or wish to be
At times it is very real and transparent
And other times it is what we wish we were.
But slowly the layers are peeled away
To reveal many levels of truth.

Each layer is pealed away
Revealing some byte of information.
Hiding others.
We are the artists.
It is our canvas.

It is a dream world
Rushing through wires from here and there.
Taking a bit of your psyche to parts unknown.
A handful of pixels flashing before the face of the many.
And then gone.

Sitting quietly at the edge of the room
Are those who wish to "hear" the chatter of others.
No more no less.
Their nurture is in being there.
Virtually present.

Others greet all
And that is their pleasure.
Cyber hospitality at its best.
Hear a tune , share a joke.
How's the weather in Timbuktu?

Some come for but a moment
And decide this is not their place
Did I say something wrong?
What did they expect?
I am what I am.

Putting your words down
Can give you that feeling that
You are real for a moment.
Like a piece of you is there
With the others.

Old friends
New friends
Helping hands
A smile, a laugh
Whether real or virtual life, it is good.