Images from the road.........
We must cross them one at a time
They must be crossed
to reach the important places.
Sometimes they must be built to get where we want to go.
Godzilla of the plains, 
Looming ominous.... 
Having devoured a lot of 
road before this glory
Godzilla Beware
On the road ........... away
And the road continues
onward to places 
we have not been,
offering mystery at the 
next stop.
In the Wind
it stood, 
showing the winds 
of past times
as it leaned
bent not broken
Standing Alone ... bent but not broken
Rain Rain Go Away ...   onward through the fog
Blinded ...but onward
he continued 
determined to reach 
the next goal 
because it was there.
Lines are drawn in our lives 
making decisions as we go. 
Good fences make good neighbors 
or is it 
Good neighbors make good fences
Fences divide us ...
Once a dream a memory
Past glory
 is remembrance.
They marked the 
passage and dreams of many.
Blooming briefly 
they offer beauty that 
must be seen before it fades
to remain only a memory. 
Once bloomed the life is short sometimes
Good old days best remembered
Roads from the past
The old ways are remembered 
but not always as they seem.
We cannot go back.
Dragons appeared on the horizon. 
At least he thought they were
but they were only windmills 
challenging the sky 
and his imagination. 
And he fought dragons only to find windmills
Once a king ..........
Song for the road,
passing time as the long miles
sing beneath the wheels 
going somewhere 
and home again