Through the Glass

I just finished the Julie to bed bit. All the usual ritual, rocking, singing a lullaby and "I want a drink Daddy!"

 I'm sitting here thinking about it. It's beautiful the way a child loves. Pretty simple really. Just a hug every now and then for no reason or simply looking up at you and saying , "I love you Daddy." Running up to see you when you get home. Nothing held back.

 I remember the first time I saw Julie. Not more than a few minutes old. A little pink bow already in her hair. Eyes closed asleep. Kinda red but the prettiest thing I had ever seen.

I was so proud. What was her life going to be like? Such a tiny thing headed down the road called life. And I looked at her again through the glass window of the hospital nursery one more time.

Julie, Julie through the glass
Who knows what lays outside for you
But into life you soon must pass
To crawl, to walk, to run it's true!

 It's a crazy road for tiny feet
But they'll grow surer day by day.
So many things there are to meet
I hope I'm there to show the way.
You're like a tiny looking glass
Reflecting, shining, taking on the images of around you
Be careful of false reflections
Whatever you choose to be .... be that with all you have
But don't make the mistake of being yourself for yourself alone.
Take people in.
They are the wine of life
But like all wines there are so many varieties.
They can be sweet or bitter
But one cannot know sweetness without bitterness
If there was no bad, goodness would be nothing.

 Somewhere out there,
There is a wine for you and you alone.
I can't tell you how to find it.
You will taste of many before you get there
But you will know.

How did she turn out? ..... Well see for yourself here!

whatknot 9/97