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I am in Minneapolis, Minnesota. My name is Gary, my wife's name is JoAnne, and we have 2 children between us. We were both married before, and she had 2 sons when I met her. The youngest died several years ago of an accidental overdose of amphetamine's and alcohol. I also have 2 sons by a previous marriage, and a daughter as well. Our children range in age from 14 to 34. We have 6 grandchildren, from 6 years to 12. I am a retired Bus Driver, and my wife still cooks at a Nursing Home. Our son is in Karate, and is about to get his Black Belt.

My favorite passtime is watching Sci-Fi programs, and I am a devout bingoholic. My favorite chatroom, is my only chatroom...Fifty Plus. I enjoy all the people in there, and they are very helpful.

This is an old photo of me, because I have not had my picture taken in some time..

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