Patricia Marie Reser Keene 1947-1996

The journey began with the discovery of the invader. We knew we must pursue it and eliminate it at whatever costs. Were we strong enough? We prayed so.

The road was never easy and it took everything we had to continue on. Once in a while it seemed that the invader was gone and we enjoyed the quiet moment but soon it returned.

Turn after turn for nearly six years we traveled the road. It finally became impossible to follow. The path for her was clear.

We stopped at the side of the road. With all our hands joined in a circle we prayed, "Lord guide this traveler. Help her find the way, for we cannot see the path. It is no longer our choice."

The sky was dark as I looked out. An invisible wind blew the grass in a way that made it seem like a green sea with ripples on the surface. There was something there. The time had come. The invader had won.

With a few steps further, each one struggling the impassible path, she quietly drew her last breath. Hands joined together again we prayed, "Lord take this traveler for we cannot continue on the path with her. Guide her and care for her."

The others left and I alone looked at the path ahead. She was there looking straight ahead seeing us no longer. I reached and touched and closed her eyes and said, "You've nothing more to fear."

One last time I looked at her and kissed her with a tear. I said good bye and held her hand.
She was gone away on another road taking a part of my soul and leaving a bit of hers.


whatknot 9/97