Some wise sayings said another way --

1. Compounds of hydrogen and oxygen, in the proportions of two to one, that are without visible movement, invariably tend to flow with profundity.

2. A body of persons abiding in a domicile of silica combined with metallic oxides should not carelessly project small geological specimens

3. No not utter loud or passionate vocal expressions because of the accidental overturning of a receptacle containing a whitish, opaque, and nutritive fluid.

4. Where there is sufficient positive volition, a successful conclusion may usually be expected.

5. It is not advantageous to place the sum total of your barnyard collection in the same wicker receptacle.

6. A superfluity of culinary experts has a tendency to disarrange the preparation of the beef extract.

7. Never count the possibility of your juvenile poultry until the usual period of incubation has been fully accomplished.

8. Each mass of vaporous collection suspended in the firmament has an interior decoration of metallic hue.

9. A short vocal utterance directed toward the individual possessing a high degree of knowledge meets adequately all the needs of the occasion.

10. Those who possess unusually little intellect often project themselves into situations where the winged , ethereal apparitions of men hesitate to perambulate.

11. Unwanted egotism prophesies the speedy effect of the force of gravity.

12. The placement of the termination as precedent to the commencement should never be essayed.

13. A vessel under optical supervision never reaches a temperature of 212 degress.

14. Accelerated execution often produces faulty results.

15. One feathered biped imprisoned in the digits is equal to at least twice that many at large.

16. A canine which gives vent to his sentiments by a series of vocal efforts rarely finds use for his bicuspids.

whatknot 10/97